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Название: Guided Meditation for Nausea
Отправлено: GeraldineL от 11 January 2021, 23:29:56
Hello everyone at elfin.ru:) I am the founder of StarLightBreeze.com Guided Meditations Internet Site. I wish to share my free of charge mindfulness audio lectures such as Guided Meditation for Fear and guided breathing meditation audio lecture (starlightbreeze.com (https://starlightbreeze.com/digishop/guided-breathing-meditation-audio-lecture)) Meditation for Loneliness with every one at elfin.ru to serve to help you to handle tension and also unwind. Much Love xox
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Отправлено: loveawake.ru от 17 January 2021, 03:07:53
I tried a guided meditation last night.  It was about 10pm before I was able to get any peace, so it was quite late to be trying it, and I was sleepy from the previous nights lack of sleep, so I should have known it wouldnt go great, but I thought Id give it a shot anyway. I wanted  to follow a written guided meditation that I am trying to use at the moment, but I couldnt remember the next bits, so had to keep rereading it.  That was no good, so I searched for guided meditations online and found a suitable sound file. The first mistake I probably made was to get into bed to do it, all snug and warm under the duvet. Started the meditation and relaxed into it straight away which was great.  The ladys voice was very soothing, it was lovely to listen to.  I remember getting as far as the initial deep breathing technique to get you relaxed.  I could feel myself sinking into the mattress, and then I got the sensation of my body becoming really light, and I felt almost like I could be about to float up off the mattress, it felt so good. Then...... it was 7am this morning and I was woken by the really bright light of my alarm and the sound of birds twittering Damn it  have one of those sunrise alarms that go from nothing to bright light to mimic the sun coming up over 30 minutes, and I chose the birdcall sound, it is a great combo I had a pad and pencil by the bed and everything to make a note of what I had experienced, but nothing to write :- So I consider this one a fail... but I have never ever dropped off to sleep that quickly before and I slept right through so in that way I am very pleased. I think the lesson here is not to get into bed under the duvet, and maybe not that late at night if I am tired anyway. bb xx